Improving the Scrolling Experience in Lion

I read the Ars review of Mac OS X Lion the other day (and yes, I am one of those guys that reads the whole thing and have ever since Siracusa started writing them), and then listened to episode 27 of the Hypercritical podcast. All this got me thinking about scrolling in the new Mac OS.

Apple’s move to reduce visual clutter on screen, along with the emphasis on gestural inputs like the

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More Than a Checklist

It's been almost three years since I wrote Image Is Everything, and while that page still gets hits, it sure is outdated. In the intervening years the apps I profiled have undergone a lot of changes. DrawIt has focused on becoming a vector-based raster image creator, instead of an all purpose editor. Acorn has gone from version 1 into version 2 and Pixelmator has just reached version 1.6.

So here's a new take on the two key apps, Pixelmator 1.6. and Acorn 2.5.1.

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